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Daily Message ~ Monday October 4, 2021

Your shifting journey may begin by letting go of tiny pieces of energies that no longer match who you truly are. Then, just like when rocks experience erosion over a long period of time, big chunks may let go as a result of the consistency of the work you have done. Many of you will be moving through big releases and healings as the energies are also very supportive of such leaps at this time.

Once you let go of a big piece, you may feel somewhat tender, exposed, or vulnerable. This is normal. You have been used to living with this density, much like a shield between you and the rest of the world, for a very long time. Give yourself a chance to get used to where you have evolved to. Rest if you feel you need it and listen to the innate intelligence of your body to give it all that it needs.

If you have fears or traumas about connection or being open, you may find those feelings rising to the surface due to your new level of energetic availability. It is important to acknowledge those vulnerable aspects and tend to those parts of yourself, reassuring them that from your new level of wisdom and awareness it is safe for them to come forward and fully reintegrate into the whole that is you. It is safe for you to be the newest version of you.

You may also realize new gifts due to being more connected and more sensitive. This is absolutely wonderful and proof that you have truly shifted in some remarkable ways. These new abilities are preparing you to step fully into the new with more wisdom and capability than ever before.

Transformation and conscious evolution are no small feats, Dear Ones! Celebrate that you have come to the place where all of this is possible, because it is through your consistency, your tenacity, and your beautiful and courageous hearts that you are where you are in this grand shift of the ages, and it is time that you start to see the tangible rewards for your efforts. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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