shining light beam trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Monday October 9, 2017

Dear Ones, a very effective technique to make new connections in your lives is to meditate and create from the ethers.

Let us suppose you wish to draw more clients for your business. Simply imagine yourself going up into space and then shining brightly, as if you are turning on your service light for all to see. As you stay there and allow your light and offerings to broadcast like an energetic beacon, you will notice other little lights turn on in response, like twinkling stars.

Those are the people who have now connected to you and what you do – the ones who can see you in your truth, resonate with your energy, that you can help and will have appreciation for your efforts. Continue to shine your service light brightly until you see all the new clients turning on their lights of response to you. Now you can rest easy that those connections have been made, that those souls have been made aware of you and what you have to offer, and they will show up in divine timing.

You can use the same technique to find the perfect healer for you, new like-minded friends, any supports you may feel you need on your journey, even a new love relationship. Just shine your light and your truth until you see the connection is made by the light turning on in response to you from another.

You see, you always are creating energetically first. This lets you to see for yourself that the connections have been made, and there is nothing left for you to do but to hold the space for them to manifest into your reality. It is a wonderful technique of allowing your soul to put out a clarion call and to see for yourself that others will absolutely answer that call in acceptance of your pure intentions and divine ability to co-create. ~Archangel Gabriel

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