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Daily Message ~ Monday September 11, 2023

It’s Metaphysical Monday! Today we will be answering the question, “Is being true to yourself really that important?”

It is SO important.

Most of us have been conditioned to ignore what we really want in order to please others. The message has been, what you really want isn’t nearly as important as meeting societal or family expectations. So we come into the body with very specific desires and plans, in many cases, to only be told they are wrong, to ignore them, and completely shut them down.

How on earth can we have a satisfying life expression if we are ignoring what we are here to do? Some of us are here to be change makers. How can we honour that role if we are being conditioned to be the same as things have always been?

The whole point of the spiritual journey is coming Home to the truth of who we really are. The passions and dreams we have are designed to help us direct our paths. They are what we are on the planet, in the body, to explore, experience, and offer as our unique gift to the world.

Can you imagine if we were all raised to follow our dreams and trust where our hearts want to lead us? If we were taught to be true to ourselves? If we were reassured that our dreams have value and if we try them and we don’t like them it’s okay we can try something else until we find what lights us up? My gosh, how much more satisfied would we all be! The whole world would be so much more peaceful.

Being true to yourself is not selfish. Following the calling of your soul leads you to your highest life expression. Your highest life expression will serve everyone, not just you.

Gabriel gives me this analogy. Imagine a train station. Being true to yourself is the ticket to your most satisfying life expression. It dictates which train you catch, and the beautiful thing is, when you’ve been really true to yourself, all the other people on that train are like-energied and going to similar places as you are! What started off as a journey of uncertainty becomes a ride of excitement, connection, and joyful anticipation.

If you’ve been taught to ignore your own needs and desires, it can take courage to start to listen to your own heart. If the people who suppressed your dreams fully understood what it did to you they would never have done it! This doesn’t mean that you have to fight your family and the entire world in order to do this. You can be kind and mindful and still be true to you.

It is time to love yourself enough to follow your heart. You are on the planet to do just that, to follow your unique interests because that is exactly how you add to the mosaic of the whole. In fact, is not just time, it is your truest calling and what your soul has wanted you to do all along.

So get to know yourself again and honour your truest desires. You don’t have to change your whole life if you’ve denied yourself for a long time. Just starting to incorporate what you truly love into your life in small increments can be all it takes to set your life off in a completely different direction. It will become an unfoldment that contains things that bring you joy and satisfaction, which will expand from there. I hope you give yourself permission to start today!


I now have a start date and time for the self love course! It will be starting this Saturday, September 16 and will be held every Saturday at 12 pm eastern time for 6 weeks. Hope you’ll join us!

I will be offering a LIVE Self Love – The Most Important Element of Them All course this September. It is very rare that I teach live, but I feel like this is such an important element moving forward that it is time to really dive deep into this topic.

Each student will receive everything outlined in the self study course but we will work through it all together via zoom for all 6 classes. I will be here to help you every step of the way as we take a close look at the four essential pillars of self love, belief systems and conditioning that stand in the way, new ways of approaching it, and much more.

This not your run of the mill self love course, as it was channeled from Gabriel. If you have been struggling with self love, it is likely that one or more of the core self love pillars are not in place for you. By strengthening them you create a container that makes self love much easier to do.

The cost to attend is $300 USD. We will be meeting once a week for 6 weeks via zoom. Students receive six downloadable MP3s including a meditation for every class, as well as worksheets to help you get the most out of the content. There is also an ebook that is a compilation of 64 of Archangel Gabriel’s messages on self love that you can refer to whenever you feel you could use a little bit of extra guidance, as well as bonus pdf “The Art of Writing a Good Affirmation”. All of these supports are designed to help you deepen and enhance your self love practice. Each class also contains an “If You Are Struggling” section with helpful suggestions to assist you through this process.

Again, we will be going through this all LIVE with me leading you through every step. You will have the self study materials to refer to during the course and whenever you feel you might need them for support after the live course is done. If you have already purchased the self study version of the course, you can attend the live version for $149 USD. You can click on the link below for the full description of the course.

If you have any questions please email me at If you’d like to register, please send payment of $311.36 USD (course fee plus PayPal fees) to As soon as I receive payment I will email over your course materials to you. I’d love to go on this self love journey with you!



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