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Daily Message ~ Monday September 13, 2021

One of the things that make the Divine Combination such a powerful navigational system is that each of the elements (surrender, faith, flow, and trust) support the others, creating a certain energy and momentum of its own.

When we teach of the Divine Combination, we speak of the entry point of the system to be the act of surrender, but what we wish for you to understand is that any of the elements can serve as an entry point. If you find the act of surrender daunting, you may find it helpful to enter through one of the other elements, as they are all equally important and effective to welcome you into the system.

So, for example, you may find the concept of surrender challenging, but you are really comfortable with faith. By allowing yourself to flow into your faith, you have, in fact, surrendered. Or you may find flow an easier aspect. That is just fine, if you allow yourself to simply flow, you will experience surrender, faith, and trust!

Don’t be afraid to explore the elements and choose one as your tried and true. As you use that element and stay open to the others, the system will do what it is designed to do – move you forward with all the support you need into your highest potentials and truest life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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