Daily Message ~ Monday September 17, 2012

Have you re-examined your belief systems about love? What do you think love should be like in an enlightening society? What has worked for you, personally, in the past? How have your relationships fallen apart? You see, other than religion, love has had more constricting belief systems than any other aspect of your human existence. We ask you to think back to the flush of first love. That was when you first experience love with no expectations. In that innocence, you recognized that love was wonderful! New love is fresh and pure and feels so divine because it has you celebrating the divinity in each of you. You are in the moment, feeling exquisite heart expansion and are in wonder, embracing the miracle of the flow that brought you to that Now moment, and feeling complete acceptance, wonder and gratitude for that other person, and seeing that reflected back to you. Those are the aspects that allow love to bloom, to experience it as an extension of Source energy. It is the societal expectations and the human’s attachment to outcome that slowly start to drain the love experience. What if you made a commitment to celebrate the divinity in others as a way of celebrating yourself? What if you practiced unconditional love for yourself, and by doing so, saw it amplify and come back into your existence? Assuming responsibility for your own wholeness and moving beyond separation consciousness and fear of lack is what will take the human relationship to an entirely new level and will allow love to shine on your planet like never before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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