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Daily Message ~ Monday September 18, 2023

It’s Metaphysical Monday! Today we will be exploring Trauma and the Spiritual Journey.

So many of us have found our way to the spiritual journey through some kind of trauma, be it abuse, a major health issue, an accident, the loss of a loved one, or any other hardship we have felt powerless over. Wanting to make sense of what has happened and wanting to heal is what drives us to asking the bigger questions and to begin our journey into new, more empowering potentials.

Gabriel tells me that for many of us, bottoming out is the fastest way to catapult ourselves forward. When it becomes too uncomfortable to stay the same is when we finally surrender and want to expand beyond where we are.

Often people start their journey just seeking some kind of relief, and that is perfectly understandable. If you are in a delicate state, it is human nature to want to feel better. Meditation, healing sessions, affirmations, seeking spiritual guidance and reassurance, exploring the law of attraction and our ability to create better for ourselves through positive focus, are all wonderful starting points and can bring comfort that allows us to stabilize.

We will become devoted to creating a better feeling space for ourselves that feels better balanced and stable, which will take as long as it takes as it is different for each person. It is not uncommon for it to take weeks, months, or even years, depending on the extent of the trauma and the speed that soul wishes to work at that is best for them.

This phase is designed to create a foundation for you to then be able to do some deeper work. While some might call this spiritual bypassing, it is a necessary phase. You can’t do heavy lifting if you haven’t found your balance first! If you are coming from a dark place, a phase of positivity is exactly what you need, and is appropriate for where you are on your journey.

Once you are well established in a lighter, better feeling place, it is time for some of the deeper healing work. This can include trauma therapy, learning somatic healing or other tools such as EMDR, shadow work, pastlife or journeying work, and tiptoeing into learning how to fully feel emotions. This may become a major focus for quite a while, again as long as your soul feels is necessary.

Eventually, you will come out of that deeper healing phase, into a much better balance of accepting yourself and your story from a place of wisdom. Your trauma will be part of what you have experienced but it will no longer be driving your bus because you will have given it the attention it needed to heal and come to a deeper place of peace.

The phase so many of us are in right now, especially with the multiple retrograding planets this month, is having many old memories of traumas come up. This in no way means your healing isn’t working! Memories come up for you to fine tune your healing and release no longer serves you. This can lead to a sense of mourning. Mourning for what has happened to you, and mourning for what could have been. This is completely normal. It is an opportunity for you to give that old aspect of you the love, protection, and care it always deserved and reintegrate it into the whole that is you. It is also releasing what you are no longer a match to so you can reach your fullest potentials.

Gabriel tells me that all great growth and transitions come with the five stages of mourning – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. All are natural and necessary emotions to move through any massive shift. Denial and anger might be the first stages of trauma. The bargaining is the focusing on the light stage of the spiritual journey. The depression phase might come from the dark night of the soul, finally acknowledging what has happened to you, and moving through the deeper healing phases. Acceptance is that place that allows you to move forward in your flow, in the embodiment of faith and trust that everything you have gone through has had some kind of purpose in your life.

So what purpose does trauma have for us? It helps us keep our sensitivities honed. If we lived a completely comfy cozy life we would never develop how to read different energies or want to move into any kind of growth. Trauma teaches us compassion for others who are struggling. Those energetic sensitivities, compassion, and empathy are often what we needed to have in order to be able to find our purpose and share our unique gifts with the world. And ultimately healing beyond our trauma empowers us to redirect and move forward in a much more self accepting, self loving, authentic and embodied way. It also allows us to be teachers by example. If we can heal and thrive beyond the past, so can others.

I envision trauma healing as being much like having a memory of an old particularly difficult past life. It may explain why you are the way you are and give you an idea of a theme that is in need of healing or beliefs or habits that are holding you back but you can also see it as not being who you are anymore. And if there is one thing I know for sure, it is that we never take on what we don’t also have the full potential of healing.

So to all my conscious healers, friends, and readers that are healing beyond trauma. I see you. I love you. I walk with you. And I celebrate all of us for our tender but courageous hearts. This is our time and we’ve got this!


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