Daily Message ~ Monday September 19, 2016


Dear Ones, the dark night of the soul is a period of cocooning – of deep introspection, of learning, of healing, and of transformation. It serves a tremendous purpose on your spiritual journey. It is marked with reevaluating everything, with the change of relationships, careers, and friendships, and can be a very solitary somber period. While it can seem long and arduous, it is an energetic corridor that does come to an end, and for many of you that time is now.

One of the biggest challenges is accepting that the phase is truly actually over when it comes to an end. You have become so used to looking for things to heal in yourself, to being serious, to being alone, that shifting into wholeness, into joy, into connecting with others can seem foreign. But that is what you have been working towards, and you have done the work and it is time to start to reap the rewards of your efforts.

A key component to coming out of this phase is learning how to navigate in new, more empowered ways. Rather than constantly looking for things to heal, you embrace wholeness and wellness and know that if there is something you need to address it will come into your awareness. Rather than being affected by other people’s energies, you bring the light. Rather than doing, you embrace BEing and know that is more than enough. It is a path of greater ease, of energetic competence and embracing being a creator and experiencer of life.

If you find yourself starting to come out of the proverbial cave into the light, you are ready. You have done the work and you are ready to move into this next phase, to embrace and own your transformation on this incredible life journey, but you must give yourself permission to let the old phase go and create anew. It is time. ~Archangel Gabriel

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