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Daily Message ~ Monday September 19, 2022

As you shift from 3D to 5D your service will also shift from 3D service to 5D service. 3D service is often out of balance, based in the martyred service paradigm, and is dependant upon external results for personal validation while 5D service is balanced, supported, and a means of joyful self expression.

3D service is the entry point to your evolutionary journey of being of service. It can show up as codependency, assuming responsibility for others, feeling like you have more mastery or know better than others, and taking credit for the healing others have done. Because it is driven by externals, it can also feel like you can never do enough. Because it is based in the martyred service paradigm, you may feel like you need to wear yourself to the ground to try to prove your own goodness, both to yourself, and to others. 3D service still operates in separation by seeing yourself as more advanced than others yet not including yourself in your own love and care. To be clear, 3D service is a necessary starting point and one most who truly wish to make a difference will evolve beyond.

5D service is service that is done for no other reason than it brings you joy to express yourself in that way. You are conscious about your own growth and evolution, and honour others as the masters they truly are. It is a path of empowering others rather than having others develop dependency upon you. It is soul led, rather than personality led. It is inclusive, meaning you accept others where they are and you also extend your own love and care to include yourself. It is balanced and ever-evolving, and based on allowing your beingness to lead the way. It is a pure emanation of you that does not have an attachment to outcome but rather is grounded in the faith and trust that your growth is your service and your beingness is more than enough. It is allowing yourself to be a teacher by example and allowing others to find their own way while still being honoured to share your gifts in ways that help others discover their own truth and mastery.

The shift from 3D to 5D will be happening in all areas of your lives, Dear Ones. Allow your service to unfold into that space of joyful, peaceful, beingness and brand new pathways will open to you that will take you to the next level of both your purpose and your life expression. Release the expectation that it needs to look any specific way and you will move into the discovery of a whole new service paradigm that will support you, your growth, and the evolution of the planet like never before. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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