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Daily Message ~ Monday September 27, 2021

As you continue along your enlightenment journey, you may start to experience more and more knowingness. You may have more awareness of other life expressions you have experienced. You may bring forth skills that were honed in other places and times. You may suddenly become aware of an ease of connection to other guides or beings you had forged relationships with during those lifetimes. In a sense, you might start to consider and experience yourself as your own collective, being able to draw on various aspects of yourself for wisdom and guidance! There is much knowledge and ability within the many experiences of you that you can tap into and explore. And one of the most exciting elements of this next phase you are currently stepping into is you will take that level of knowledge and wisdom as a starting point and grow and expand it from there. There is so much opening up for you, and many new possibilities that are now viable options due to this. We simply cannot wait to see what you will do and what you will create from this combination of acquired wisdom and pure potential. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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