Daily Message ~ Monday September 28, 2015

When you have an attachment to things looking a certain way, you are already planning for anything else to be wrong. You are infusing a situation with a pre-planned lack of acceptance, a rigidity, that is quite contrary to the flow of creation. When you lack acceptance for anything other than a certain result, you make it difficult for the universe to serve you your highest outcome, which is almost always far beyond anything you could ever imagine for yourself.

So, yes, Dear Ones, get clear about what you would like to create, but also allow it to be malleable, to be open and flowing, to be the start of a masterpiece that universe can tweak and improve upon, in ways that will best serve the whole and surprise and amaze you. Hand it off to the universe for the greatest good, with room to be even better than your wildest dreams, and you will be utilizing the the power of co-creation.

So often when things aren’t happening for you in terms of manifestation, it is because you are not making room for even better to occur, and that is what would be your true energetic match. Metaphorically, are you asking for glass when the universe is trying to bring you diamonds, because diamonds best reflect the true beauty of your soul? Allow room for you and the universe to joyfully participate in the sacred act of creation together, and you will be delighted with what is possible. ~Archangel Gabriel

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