Daily Message ~ Monday September 7, 2015

Having time for labour and time for rest scheduled out for you was a system that worked very well in older energies. It gave people a predictability, and through that, a feeling of safety that was generally energetically supported.

But as the energies have changed, and continue to change, strongly and rapidly, many sensitive humans have been finding it difficult to follow set schedules. They can find it almost impossible to work when their bodies are requiring rest and integration, and almost impossible to rest while their bodies are energized for work and creation.

As you move forward during this grand shift your planet is undergoing, you will find more people being drawn to self employment, and more employers creating flexible hours and work environments for their workers. It will become vitally important for people to have the ability to move with whatever energies are supporting them at any given time.

People will also find themselves gravitating towards doing what brings them joy for a career, because your passions and purpose will rarely feel like work. Freedom to self express, to create, to flow, and to harness whatever is being supported energetically, will become a vital part of how humans structure their days, leading to a greater self expression and satisfaction in livelihood than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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