Daily Message ~ Saturday April 12, 2014

A great many human beings spin their wheels waiting for the perfect external circumstances to happen to make them feel good. They base their happiness on other people’s behaviour to make them feel satisfied and whole. They wait for the perfect partner to arrive to make them happy. They try to create an experience of wholeness from a base of emptiness and, sadly, that cannot be done.

It would amount to going to a bank and attempting to collect the interest on a million dollars from an empty bank account and then being disappointed when you were not successful. It would not make any sense.

If you want unconditional love in a relationship, you must bring it. If you want balance, respect, honour, integrity, appreciation, you must hold that in yourself and freely give it to others. To draw anything into your experience, you must energetically hold it first. You will always magnetize what you, yourself, embody. As always, Dear Ones, it begins within you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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