man with child on tracks trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Saturday April 13, 2019

We spoke yesterday of the role many enlightening human beings are finding themselves in, that of energetic stabilizer and space holder. We realize that many of you are tired and anxious to move forward. We wish to reassure you this is not a phase that lasts forever. In fact, it is quite a short yet pivotal phase.

Think of a child who is first learning to walk. You slow your steps for them. You are there for them to use to rebalance themselves should they stumble. You create the safe space for them to find a new way of navigating life.

By pacing yourself and patiently waiting for them to catch up if they lag behind, you are creating a space for them to hone and find confidence in their new abilities.  In what seems like a blink of an eye, the child becomes much steadier on their feet and before you know it they are off and running on their own, excitedly exploring the world from their new vantage point and skill set.

So know this is a short, necessary, and sacred service you are offering. Even though your steps are slower, they are still forward moving. And before you know it, this service contract will be completed and you will be freed up to concentrate on your own accelerated expansion. All is well, Dear Ones.  All is well. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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