Daily Message ~ Saturday April 16, 2016

Many of you yearn for a sense of peace in your lives. The extreme busyness many of you experience as human beings ultimately leads to that yearning.

Many enlightening human beings have been able to create pockets of peace for themselves. They find it through meditation and solitude. That is creating the foundation of peace within themselves – nurturing the conditions that foster that sensation within self. As they become more and more adept with and accustomed to the experience of peace within, they will start to allow it to expand beyond the circumstances of their controlled environment.

Dear Ones, the essential elements for the experience of peace are faith and acceptance. The two are what is required to be able to truly feel peace beyond the confines of your own environment. Acceptance shifts you from judgment. It creates an unshakeable sense of beingness in each Now moment. Your faith assists with this experience with the knowingness that the universe is always is serving you, even if you cannot see it in that moment. From the Now moment empowered change can be created through intention and gratitude.

You simply cannot have peace and push against what is unwanted at the same time. Peace is nurtured and expanded by your faith – your faith in Source and your faith in the wisdom of your own soul – that everything is playing out for the greatest good of all, always. Your acceptance and faith demonstrate the energetic stability others who have not yet found their own inner peace are looking for, which can inspire them to begin their own anchoring process.

Your acceptance and faith are the foundation of patience, as well, which allows you to so much better engage with others from a place of unconditional love. Do you see? The process begins within and then spreads outwardly, in beautiful ripples of divinity that can only support the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel

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