Daily Message ~ Saturday April 17, 2021

We have spoken about the idea of growing your skills. Today we would like to discuss growing your capacity to experience love.

Do you allow yourself to feel love? To really feel it? To surrender into it? Are you open to receive love from Source, from your guides and angels, from the earth, from the cosmos, from animals, from others, and from yourself?

Are you willing to acknowledge that love always exists for you, it is your allowing of it that dictates how much you are experiencing? If you are holding yourself separate from the experience of love, why? Connect with the part of you that thinks it is not safe to love, and give it love. Give it consistent, true, unconditional love and watch it bloom.

Do you allow yourself to be the love? To spread love with no thought of receiving anything in return other than the joy that comes from expressing yourself as the love you truly are?

Can you imagine being an endless wellspring of love, with it effortlessly flowing to you and through you?

Most of you are only allowing a fraction of the love that is available for you. Grow your capacity for love, Dear Ones, both to give and receive, for that is one of the greatest opportunities you have on the planet – to anchor and expand the experience of love. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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