Daily Message ~ Saturday April 20, 2013

If you had a car that operated for the entirety of your incarnation, you would consider it a miracle of engineering. That is what your physical body is. Do you spend time in appreciation of your body? We do not mean in terms of comparing it to others and measuring your worth according to ego based standards. We mean deep appreciation for the ongoing service your body provides to you every day. Has it ever occurred to you that negative self talk may be energetically attacking that vital aspect of self? You are all walking miracles, inside and out! Love your bodies as being perfect houses for your beautiful souls. Honour your vehicle by what you expose it to in all ways, whether it be your thoughts, what you ingest or breathe in. Do you support it with adequate rest and meditation? Do you experience pure joy with its movement and take it out to play? Children have a wonderful fascination with their own bodies and complete acceptance of self. Have you lost that along the way? Self love is such a vital aspect of stepping into your own mastery. You cannot love one aspect of self and dislike others. Rejoice in ALL of your facets, Dear Ones, as beautiful reflections of Source. ~Archangel Gabriel

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