Daily Message ~ Saturday April 22, 2017

Dear Ones, one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is learning how energies affect you and what gives you relief. The energies flooding your planet are unprecedented and will continue to present you with previously unseen aspects moving forward. These are transformative times!

We cannot recommend enough making an energy journal for yourselves. Keep track of any days that seem to be particularly intense or uncomfortable and watch for any correlating events, such as solar flares, geomagnetic storms, earth changes, and astrological alignments.

If you find something that helps your specific symptoms during that time, jot it down. As the energies continue to shift higher in vibration it can be difficult to remember things, so we highly recommend taking the time to make notes as an act of love for your future self.

Sometimes simply knowing that how you have been feeling is directly related to the energies is all it takes for you to settle down and feel better, as humans do have a tendency to make themselves be wrong for any reactions they have. Knowing there is a reason can be very relieving.

Other things that can be helpful can be grounding, earthing, surrendering, asking ascension guides for assistance, allowing some sun on your bare skin and intending to receive its healing gifts, meditation, and immersing yourself in salt water. You may find other things that help immensely, and that is where your journal will serve you well in the future if you think to take note of what eased you and brought you comfort.

This is all part of your mastery journey – learning how energies affect you and what works for you and your unique energetics to move forward with the most grace and ease possible. This is a deepening of being the expert on you, and can be a wonderful process of discovery. ~Archangel Gabriel

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