Daily Message ~ Saturday April 25, 2015

Some people may be finding themselves in what we call the pregnant pause – a time when you know something is manifesting but you haven’t quite seen the fruits of your labour yet. We understand that being in a lull can seem quite uncomfortable, but it is actually an energetic pocket that is filled with opportunity for you.

When you are in a quiet period, it is a time that is designed for integration. You are still shifting and integrating energies from the recent eclipses and equinox, as well as solar influences. Many energetic shifts require time to fully anchor into your energy bodies.

2015 is a very busy year of change and discovery for many of you. The gift of a pause is that it allows you plenty of time to rest in preparation for the activity that is sure to follow. Use the time to meditate, for tender self care, to eat well, to hydrate, to spend time in activities you enjoy, and to get clear about what you wish to create.

The universe is always, always giving you exactly what you need. By accepting the perfection of all stages you will be able to harness the many energetic gifts of a lull period. If you can consider it preparation time to be far more efficient as soon as the time is ripe for movement, you will be able to enjoy the support and quiet clarity such periods can offer. ~Archangel Gabriel

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