Daily Message ~ Saturday August 15, 2015

Some of you have trouble being able to tell when to stay still and allow things to come to you, and when to launch yourself into inspired action in order to manifest. That is the beauty of the flow, Dear Ones!

When you are in a surrendered state into the flow, there is no figuring out to be done. You know that whatever is happening is what is being energetically supported for your highest good. That means that during a lull period where not much appears to be happening, you can use the time to relax and enjoy activities you love. It also means that when it is time for action, all the signs and synchronicities will clearly point you in the right direction. Your job is not specifically to stand still or to move. It is to stay in a state of non-resistance.

Do you see? Staying surrendered in the flow takes all the guess work out of things for you, and allows you to settle into the perfection of whatever phase you may find yourself in. ~Archangel Gabriel

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