Daily Message ~ Saturday August 25, 2012

So many enlightening human beings have struggled with finding appropriate boundaries and self love. Did you know the two go hand in hand? When you love yourself unconditionally you learn that your own needs must take precedence in order to be whole and balanced for everyone else. That realization will automatically shift you into more appropriate boundaries. By keeping those boundaries healthy, you will be empowering yourself by putting your time and energy into the only thing you truly do have control over, yourself. By resisting the urge to “save” others, you are also empowering them by showing that you have faith in their own ability to take care of themselves. This does not mean that you throw people in crisis to the wolves, Dear Ones! It means you help, when asked, in a way that is appropriate and empowering for all involved. A good rule of thumb is to never invest more in another’s wellness than they are willing to invest in themselves. When everyone finally assumes complete responsibility for their own growth and stepping into their authentic power, we will see true change in the world, and that is what the enlightening human being is here to experience and support. ~Archangel Gabriel

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