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Daily Message ~ Saturday August 3, 2019

Just as you can find it difficult to gauge your own growth, it can also be difficult to recognize subtle growth in another. But rest assured, growth IS occurring for all souls on the planet. How do you know? If you are in the body, on the planet at this time, you are evolving.

The best way to experience your own, and another’s levels of attainment, is to be present. The now moment is really all you ever have. To be attached to the past is painting yourself or another with energy that could very well be expired, which would be a great disservice to everyone involved. To be in the future is to have an attachment to how you think things should look which can be very constraining and limiting to all parties involved.

The present is the space of potentiality that allows you to experience your truth and the truth of others in their most current form, and to assess your relationships from there. It is from that space with your expanded awareness, along with your faith and trust in your own wisdom and commitment to your own evolution and wellness, that you will always make your most empowered decisions and find your best energetic matches. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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