Daily Message ~ Saturday December 10, 2016


We were recently asked, “Why does my ex keep coming back?” We would like to address this topic today.

Sometimes it is as simple as there is still growth that can be achieved through your connection to another that keeps them looping around into your awareness. If you are feeling like you are ready to step out of that dance with them, we recommend quietly taking a moment and feeling into your connection with that person. Ask, “What am I missing?” “What do I need to do to clear this once and for all?” “What last bit of growth or understanding do I need to achieve to move on?” If you don’t get the answers immediately, trust that they will come. You can also ask for assistance from your guides, angels, and masters to help you heal and release this relationship for the highest good of all.

But more often than not, if you feel like you are done with a relationship yet it seems to persist energetically, it is due to soul fragments – little piece of yourself that you gave away to the other during your time together. Call back any pieces of self and see them being brought up into the light and being cleansed and returned, whole, healed, and shining beautifully and integrated back into your energy body. You may then wish to cut any energetic cords that still connect you and release the person with light and love.

Many of you make it this far, but forget that the other may have left fragments of themselves with you, too. Lovingly gather them up and return to sender. See them being cleansed and returned as healing and wholeness to that person. Then cut any energetic cords they may have still have as an attachment to you, and release them with light and love.

Dear Ones, we understand your relationships with others can be confusing! Choosing your energetic clarity is always an act of love for yourself, and for others. It is not about separation, per se, but rather of energetic sovereignty. Seeking wholeness and healing for all creates the space for your relationships to come together in new, healthier, far less activating ways, or to move on, for the highest good of everyone involved. ~Archangel Gabriel

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