Daily Message ~ Saturday December 8, 2012

We understand that it has been a long, arduous road for many of you. The energies are rapid and intense right now, and many of you feel like this has been a never ending process. It is like you have a cake in the oven and you keep peering through the door, saying, “Is it done yet?” You know it must be almost ready. The air all around you is carrying the sweet smell, and it is so close you can almost taste it. Dear Ones, the cake must be baked before you can ice it! Don’t turn away right before the timer is about to go off. We know you are tired, but you have done such a magnificent job and the energies will not be this intense forever. Be kind and nurture yourselves, hold your balance and dream big. This is an incredible time on your planet with many gifts to offer. ~Archangel Gabriel

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