Daily Message ~ Saturday February 14, 2015

On this day that is focused on love, whether you are in a relationship or not, we encourage you to shine brightly as the amazing being of love you truly are.

If you are in a relationship, intend to show your love and appreciation for your partner more than once a year! If you have not yet met someone you wish to celebrate life with, remember, your life can change in the most miraculous ways at any point, if you are open to love. That is one of the greatest aspects of being human – one divinely orchestrated meeting can change your life forever, and can come at any time. Never forget that.

But above all, remember to love and nurture yourself, and your connection to Source, because that is the centre from which all things are possible. You were born from the energies of unconditional love. Do you see? That means love – giving love, receiving love, embodying love – is your natural state of being. ~Archangel Gabriel

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