Daily Message ~ Saturday February 15, 2014

Many of you put incredible pressure on yourselves with your enlightenment process. You seem to think you must do things perfectly in order to avoid the displeasure of your guides and helpers. Dear Ones, please know you can never displease us! When you think that way, you are trying to apply a conditional love model to us. The idea of conditional love from Source, of an angry, judging universe is simply not valid. There is nothing you could do, ever, that would result in anything but our deep and abiding unconditional love.

Know that we are here to love you and support you in whatever experiences you wish to have! It is through experience that you grow and evolve. Your life expression is not meant for you to watch from the sidelines. Being in the body, being on your planet is for the sole (soul) purpose of experience and self definition. So play! Try things out! Have the courage to live, truly live, knowing there is nothing you could ever do to disappoint us or fall out of our favour. You are always and completely loved beyond measure. ~Archangel Gabriel

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