Daily Message ~ Saturday February 18, 2017


Human beings have a curious habit. They will be moving along their enlightenment process quite beautifully until a challenging energetic time occurs. Rather than seeing the energies as helping them along their process and being happy they are ready for yet another upgrade, they immediately start to judge themselves as broken, messy, and thoroughly incapable. Dear Ones, we implore you to stop kicking yourselves while you are down!

Everything – every single thing – that is happening is serving your growth and expansion. While intense energies can be challenging, they always leave you better, and shifted into a higher, clearer energetic space so you can experience more of your true beauty and divinity. Deciding to berate yourselves on top of the massive amount of shifting you are doing is at best completely unnecessary and at worst making the process far more difficult than it needs to be.

Hear us when we say you are doing an incredible job! You are kind and mindful, dedicated and courageous, as you drive the shift on your planet. We urge you to stop using times of intensity as an excuse to abuse yourselves, and to start to see it as a time when you need and deserve your own love and support more than ever. Why not finally stop looking for what you think is wrong with you and start celebrating what is oh, so right? How different would your experiences be if you created a safe space of comfort and nourishment for your spiritual growth and evolution? ~Archangel Gabriel

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