Daily Message ~ Saturday February 2, 2013

We understand that there are times in your enlightenment process that can make you uncomfortable, be it physically, emotionally, mentally.  There are many things that can help with this process.  First, intend to shift with the energies with ease!  Intention is the most powerful tool you have in your toolbox, Dear Ones!  It clearly states how you wish to experience things, and as always, you get to choose.  Practice energetic clarity.  Imagining that you are standing in a beam of light that connects up into the heavens and down into the earth beneath your feet will support your own unique vibration in its clearest form and will help you keep your balance.  Immerse your body in salt water.  It is incredibly cleansing and supportive to your energy body.  Stand barefoot on the earth. There are many wonderful grounding techniques, but none are more effective than sole (soul) connecting with Gaia.  While you are at it, lie flat on the earth as well.  Mother Earth is happy to clear and balance your chakras whenever you need it.  Eat foods that are supportive to your energetic health.  This means lots of pure foods that are free of additives and support your whole health.  Use muscle testing if you are not sure what is most empowering for you to eat.  And lastly, get lots of rest.  Integration is a process.  Be kind and gentle to yourself.  If you see it as an exciting recalibration that will allow you to hold even more light and shine even brighter, you will embrace it and move through it in record time. ~Archangel Gabriel

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