Daily Message ~ Saturday February 20, 2016

Dear Ones, the times they are a-changing, and you are discovering this more and more on your planet. Things that were once energetically supported are very obviously no longer receiving that support.

This will be affecting every area of your life, your health, your self care, your pastimes, your ways of interacting with others (and yourself), and above all, your close personal relationships, as the templates shift from conditional to unconditional love. This is why we suggest to treat every day like a clean slate, and to follow your innate knowingness. What worked one day may not work another, but you will always find the perfect approach if you follow your heart and intuition.

You are energetic pioneers, and, as such, will discover many new ways of doing things. You will let old templates go and create new ones that match your evolution and intention. This is an exciting and glorious stage on your planet, and an era of great discovery as you forge ahead in these unprecedented times. ~Archangel Gabriel

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