Daily Message ~ Saturday February 22, 2014

There is a profound cleansing and alignment that comes from spending time in nature. It is incredibly helpful for energy clearing and grounding, and for feeling your connection with the beauty and power of Source. The earth itself holds many healing tools within it in the form of vortexes, crystals, water, plants and unique energetic traits. The sun offers healing properties that are so vast, intricate and varied that you have only begun to understand them.

When humans are forced inside for long periods of time due to harsh weather or other reasons that necessitate confinement, their general health starts to fade. They find themselves lagging, both energetically and emotionally. They are not as adept at fighting off colds and flu. They are not being assisted with the energetic clearing and the natural adjustments that come from being outdoors.

To rectify these discomforts, you may wish to bring the outdoors in to you. Minimize your exposure to electronics. Bathe in salt water. Eat healthy and vibrant foods from the earth. Connect with nature through meditation. And always try to get some sun exposure every day – it is a profoundly important support to your health and well-being.

Your beloved planet loves you so much! Connect with her! Accept her gifts, and above all else, honour the importance of her contributions to you and love her back with your mindfulness and appreciation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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