Daily Message ~ Saturday February 23, 2013

The ego self is very invested in the enlightening human being staying the same.  It depends on separation consciousness to stay in charge, and will always seek to keep you small and out of your authentic power.  It will use any manner of tactics to achieve this, including fear, doubt, making you overly concerned with what other people are doing, keeping you unconscious in activities that do not honour you, focused on what you do not want and consumed with negative self talk.  In many ways, the ego is like a controlling, abusive partner who fears that if you get too far out on your own, you will realize the truth of the situation and never return.  Please understand, the ego itself is not necessarily bad.  It just has an agenda that is quite contrary to stepping into your authentic power and represents the myriad of ways a human being can give away their own power.  So, in essence, you have two streams of consciousness available to you, one that resists your growth at all costs, and the other that supports blooming and growing, one that is no longer being energetically supported and the other being supported like never before.  Which will you choose?  Do you see which is the path of ease?~Archangel Gabriel

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