Daily Message ~ Saturday February 9, 2013

While your soul mission is to step out of victim consciousness into your authentic power, many humans are resistant to the idea of assuming any kind of power, authentic or not.  They still see power as being something you lord over another.  They are equating it to the ego driven power that you have worked so hard to evolve beyond.  Perhaps they are even thinking back to pastlife expressions where they used power inappropriately, or someone used their power to deeply wound them.  Dear Ones, authentic power holds none of that.  Authentic power indicates the true evolution of mankind.  When a person operates from their authentic power, they are operating from the highest aspect of their being, the part that recognizes and honours ALL beings as a beloved part of Source.  Authentic power will never seek to keep another down.  Rather, authentic power serves the whole because it seeks to empower ALL.  There is no fear, no rash actions or violence connected to authentic power, because once you truly embrace your authentic power, you understand it can never be lost, that it is yours and always has been.  It is the gentle truth of your essence, the part of you that encourages all to embrace their own truth so the whole can shine ever brighter.  Do not fear this power, Dear Ones.  It is kind and fair, truthful and transparent, supportive and loving and because of its authenticity, solid and unshakeable. ~Archangel Gabriel

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