Daily Message ~ Saturday January 12, 2013

Loving and honouring yourself is such a vital aspect of emerging as a human being of light.  We understand that many of you have been conditioned to put others first, that to put yourself first is selfish and wrong.  It can be difficult when you have been raised in that belief system to move beyond that, particularly if you are here to be of service because those with a service contract often have little concern for themselves and great concern for others.  Dear Ones, you must find a way to put yourself in balance with this matter.  If putting yourself first is too hard and uncomfortable, perhaps you could at least see start to see your needs as equally important as others.  Lightworkers love equality!  Can you love yourself equally?  Nurture and encourage yourself just as you would another?  See your health, wellness and happiness as important for you as it is for your brothers and sisters?  Again we remind you that self awareness serves the whole and unifies, while selfishness serves only the one and separates.  Love yourself, honour yourself, cherish yourself as a vital and beloved, equally important part of the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel

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