Daily Message ~ Saturday January 14, 2017


Dear Ones, if you have had trouble with healthy boundaries in the past and are wishing to learn the art of speaking up for yourself, making a plan ahead of time can be very helpful. If you are wishing to move into healthier relationships with others who have not been respectful, it is likely that you are well aware of the pattern that you are in that you would like to shift out of. Planning ahead can be a wonderful first step.

Often when someone treats you in a way that you are not comfortable, it can make you feel small, frustrated, and disempowered. From that space it can be difficult to insist upon being treated in a more respectful fashion. This is why we strongly suggest making a plan ahead of time.

When you plan ahead, you are not caught off guard by someone’s behaviour. Because you feel secure in new responses you can give, you can simply state your new truth or boundary from a calm and centred space. You will not be reactive, but rather, fully in your power. You will be anchoring the energy of respect, which will be recognized and honoured much faster because others will sense and respond to the energetic change.

We understand that it can seem daunting to finally use your voice. You might wish to start small and as you get more confident grow from there. The most amazing thing happens when you start to shift into being treated with more respect. You fear that people will not like you, but if you stay consistent you will be surprised to see that people will value you more. And because you are also shifting your expectations of what you will accept for yourself, you will are further supporting that change from within, so what you magnetize into your experience will reflect that.

So we strongly advise that you take some quiet time to think of past experiences when you didn’t like how you were treated and play out different scenarios of response until you find the response you can use in the future that feels good, calm and empowered to you.

Many of you don’t wish to be mean or come across harsh. We understand this but it is not mean in the least to desire more respectful interactions. This approach will allow you to be prepared and balanced which will allow you to avoid being reactive. It is when you are unprepared and reactive that you usually end up feeling regret for how you handled things, so this will help you avoid that happening.

It is a beautiful way of changing old habits into new ways that far better honour everyone involved, because allowing abuse is not loving to yourself, or to the abuser. It is deciding to be an empowered leader and shifting your interactions into better patterns that will ultimately support everyone in feeling better about themselves. ~Archangel Gabriel

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