Daily Message ~ Saturday January 2, 2016

Dear Ones, a very simple meditation/visualization for creation is to simply imagine yourself up in the cosmos, turning on the light of your intention and seeing other lights turn on to respond to what it is you wish to create.

So, for example, you might imagine yourself going up into the universe and turning on your light of service to attract more wonderful clients who are perfect energetic matches for what you do, and seeing their lights turn on in response to your broadcast, indicating people who have now found you and your service. You can then relax, knowing the connection has been made and that they are on their way.

You can use this technique for anything. Looking for more like-minded people to enjoy your spirituality with? Turn on your light, shine brightly out into the cosmos, and see the connections being made. Looking for an ideal mate? Let your light shine and see the connection being made.

This is a fun and incredibly effective practice because it clearly displays your desire and allows you to see the response. This can allow you to be much easier about your creations. So set your intentions and let those connections be made, joyfully and easily, knowing they are on the way to your physical reality. ~Archangel Gabriel

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