Daily Message ~ Saturday January 26, 2013

There are many human beings that are choosing not to stay and experience the new energies and are choosing to transition.  They have simply experienced everything they have wished to in the body and are going to enjoy the show from the other side of the veil.  We understand that going through the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult things humans go through, and as such a major life experience, it often precedes a great leap in growth and spirituality.  But where many humans get stuck is with the idea that they somehow did not do enough, that they weren’t supportive enough, they didn’t love enough, especially if they were not present for the person’s transition.  Please know, Dear Ones, that you can never, ever get a person’s transition experience wrong!  Transitioning is a very sacred and intimate event between the person’s soul, their guides, helpers and ancestors.  The transition event is always planned long in advance, and the perfect players are always present.  Some people wish to have their loved ones present when they change form.  Others wish to spare their loved ones the experience and memory of them taking their last breath, and choose to leave when the person is not present.  Your passed loved ones do not feel judgment or anger towards you!  They are viewing things from a higher vantage point, from greater understanding.  What they DO feel is great love for you and tremendous compassion as they see and feel how pained you are with their loss.  Trust that just as a birth is always divinely perfect, so are the circumstances when a person passes over.  Your relationships always continue from a place of deep love and understanding, just in a different form, as the bonds of love can never, ever be broken. ~Archangel Gabriel

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