Daily Message ~ Saturday January 31, 2015

If you saw everyone else’s success as a sign that you were energetically lining up with your own, you would celebrate and support each other like never before. You would all shift your habit of talking about troubles and worries into sharing what is right in your world. You would move out of judgment and lack based thinking when seeing the evidence of another’s accomplishments. You would start to encourage and uplift each other, knowing that what happens to one supports the all, and your collective focus becomes reality. You would be free to start sharing authentically, and to shine your light brightly as you really are. Do you see? It is time to evolve beyond false modesty and negative focus to fit in, in order to fully step forward in your purpose and joy. Shine, Dear Ones, and encourage others to celebrate their successes as well! You are, after all, driving this grand shift of the ages, together. ~Archangel Gabriel

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