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Daily Message ~ Saturday January 4, 2020

Dear Ones, do you struggle to receive? Do you think it is noble to only give? This is such a common theme in enlightening human beings.

Being willing to receive allows others to experience the joy of giving. Being willing to receive allows all forms of assistance to show up for you. Being willing to receive brings the energies of balance and acceptance into your life. Being willing to receive moves you out of holding yourself separate into the full experience of the love and support that has always been there for you.

If you receive you can still honour your service contracts. In fact, it allows you to pour from a full pitcher because you will be balanced and fulfilled. Full filled.

As you move forward in the energies of 2020 and beyond, any way you are out of balance will come to the forefront for you to adjust into a more balanced and sustainable way of being. So love yourselves enough to receive knowing it is you being part of the divine flow that yearns to love and support everyone involved. It is not just okay, it is our greatest wish for you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Every year I try to offer a course on sale that will best provide what will serve people moving forward into the new year. This year will be all about getting more comfortable in co-creating from energies just beyond what you can see and embracing your highest possibilities and potentials. For this reason, I am offering Choosing a Beautiful, Magical Life for $99 (regular $149) on sale until midnight on January 14. That’s $50 off if you use the coupon code 2020. There is so much more available for us than we realize. My wish for everyone as we move into the energies of 2020 and beyond is that we allow our lives to get as big and beautiful as they want to be. Let’s make this the year of our greatest discoveries! You can read the full course description and purchase here:…/choosing-a-beautiful-magica…/


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