Daily Message ~ Saturday July 10, 2021

Connecting with and reintegrating any inner child aspects that didn’t have their needs met is something we have spoken of quite frequently. Today we would like to give you another piece you may find helpful.

Some of you may have been raised to think some behaviours are normal and acceptable that are not. Perhaps you did not get the appropriate guidance you needed, or there may been a pattern of abuse or dysfunction that has been present in your family for many generations.

This resulted in conditioning or belief systems that many of you have been working hard to evolve beyond but even though your adult mind consciously knows these behaviours are not ok, subconsciously you may still find threads of that energy continue to crop up into your experience. This is because the adult you knows better but your inner child is still operating from that old conditioning.

So how do you fix this? Connect with your inner child and reparent it. Tell it what you wished it was taught all along and tell it why what it was taught before wasn’t right. Educate your inner child with your wisdom and it will accept it easily, as all children accept new information from a trusted adult. And what you will find is you will become much more congruent energetically because all parts of you will be on board with a more appropriate way of being, and you will find evolving beyond those old beliefs and conditioning much easier than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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