Daily Message ~ Saturday July 11, 2015

Dear Ones, discomfort is simply a re-directional tool. It occurs to let you know you are not in alignment with your highest good and attempting to navigate your life outside of your soul’s preferred methods of surrender, flow, ease, growth and expansion. This is why old belief systems that glorify struggle and pain as being somehow noble are so very destructive.

Think about what occurs after a long period of struggle and discomfort. At some point the human being will get so worn down, so exhausted, that they give up pushing against the flow and surrender. And that is the moment movement begins to happen again!

Isn’t it beautiful that you are stepping into a method that honours ease, comfort and grace? Isn’t it amazing that you are learning that not only is making that choice not wrong, it is wonderfully efficient and gets you where you wish to be in record time? When you are not expending all your energy pushing for what is not being supported, you will find that you can then shift into enjoying the Now moment and consciously creating. You will shift out of survival mode and into enjoyment and creation, which is the sweet spot your soul has been seeking all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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