Daily Message ~ Saturday July 16, 2016


Dear Ones, one of the great blessings of the age you are living in is the free flow of information available to you. But the sheer volume of the information you are exposed to can also be a challenge. The gift in all of this is it is allowing you to develop and hone your own discernment.

Through your awareness practices, you have been able to get in touch with your own feelings and your own truth. Trust in that inner knowingness! When you are presented with information, we invite you to try it on energetically and see how it fits. How do you feel? Does it match your truth? Does it inspire growth and change? Or does it only make you feel afraid and disempowered? What is the agenda behind this information? Is it designed to help or to keep you stuck?

You are grand energetic sorters and the more you know yourselves, the more adept you will be at recognizing the perfect matches for you – the things that help you know and grow yourselves in even deeper, more glorious ways. That is what will allow you to sift through the vast amount of information you are presented with, embracing the pearls that support your path and beingness, and leaving the rest behind. ~Archangel Gabriel

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