Daily Message ~ Saturday July 22, 2017

Dear Ones, we understand that releasing has been a major theme for many of you, and that it can seem to be an arduous task. We would like to present an idea that may make it easier to understand and allow you to let go of the old once and for all.

Many of you understand the concept of past lives. Some of you may have even done pastlife regression to actively let go of old wounds you may have been carrying forward with you. Once you have the awareness you are holding onto an old experience that happened in another life expression, you see there isn’t much point of holding onto it. You heal, you release, and you move on.

What if you started to have that same attitude to your releasing now? What if you were able to look at it with the same detachment – that the experience served you but now it is in the past and it only needs to affect the now if you choose to carry it with you. What if you could simply embrace the wisdom it offered and let it go?

You see, you are now stepping into a new stage in your life expression where much of what you have experienced thus far is becoming very energetically removed, much like a past life, and you are stepping forward to create anew. Phase one, the phase that had a lot of things on your to-do list has been completed, and now you are ready to move forward into phase two which is the phase of pioneering, creation, and self expression.

Much like the energies of a pastlife, the old themes and issues need not follow you. You get to bring forth your mastery and create with a clean energetic slate, so to speak. So allow the past to leave. Review and release with relief, and then decide how you wish to self express, in these brand new energies, with the beautiful tools and expansion you have attained through your experiences. ~Archangel Gabriel

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