Daily Message ~ Saturday July 26, 2014

Your heart centre is your expander and your magnetizer. It is also your empowered navigation system. If you have closed off your heart for fear of getting hurt, you will be making your life so much more difficult to navigate! You will also be pinching yourself off from all the joy life has to offer.

Allow your heart to shine, and flow, and love! Open it up, Dear Ones, even if you’ve been wounded, because to keep it closed is to keep you in a cycle of perpetual hurt. Know that what you love, you get more off. Turn on your heart beacon and let love find its way to you, and let your heart lead you to all the love that exists out there for you!

To love is the most glorious experience a human being can have. In fact, that is what you are on the planet to do – to be delightful agents of love, for your own joy and experience, and for Source to work, and experience itself, through. ~Archangel Gabriel

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