Daily Message ~ Saturday July 28, 2012

Your body may be experiencing special needs as it continues to shift in these changing times. It is important to honour whatever your body is asking for, because it will clearly communicate with you what it needs. It is much like being pregnant, but you are creating a new you. So, you may have sudden and intense cravings for foods you normally don’t feel that strongly about. If you do, give your body what it is asking for because in some way the nutrients contained in that food is vital to what your body needs in that moment. You may find yourself unable to tolerate foods you normally love. You may find yourself unable to sleep one day and unable to stay awake the next. You may suddenly wish to immerse your body in salt water one day, and have an overwhelming urge to lie on the earth the next. By listening to the requests of your body and allowing it to take the lead, you will allow it to shift in the easiest way possible. This is a time of self nurturing as the demands of your physical body are very high. What wonderful confirmation that you are an evolving and enlightening human being on the planet at this time. ~Archangel Gabriel

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