Daily Message ~ Saturday July 30, 2016


Dear Ones, small consistent efforts add up to be big changes in no time. That applies for you, and also for your planet. If you are concerned with the state of your world, start to add the energy you wish to see more of, consciously and consistently, as you go about your day. If you wish to see more kindness in the world, do a kindness for another. If you wish to see peace, be peaceful with others. If you wish to see more love in the world, be more loving to others. You get to choose which energy you wish to offer the world.

When you look at the whole pile, changing the world can seem like a daunting job. But the reality is, small actions do make a difference. Every empowered and loving choice goes into the collective energy and will accumulate until that energy is what is predominant.

No action is too small to make a difference. Think of a set of scales. If every person has only one bean it doesn’t seem very significant at all. But when your bean is added to the beans of many others who all chose which direction they wish the scales to tip, you quickly see the power of the collective.

Your actions don’t have to be grandiose. Keep your energetic clarity. Connect with Source. Choose things that bring you joy. Keep a positive focus. Make kind and loving actions towards each other – a smile, holding the door for another, being thoughtful and compassionate – all make a difference. Uplift and support yourselves and each other, knowing you are all part of a revolution of one, which adds immeasurably to the collective One. ~Archangel Gabriel

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