Daily Message ~ Saturday July 5, 2014

Dear Ones, you are all Source energy. You are the energy of growth, expansion and experience. The only limits in your life are the ones that you put upon yourselves. Do you believe if you are young you must be broke and struggle? That if you are older your health must deteriorate? That love is hard to find? Do you believe in no pain, no gain? Do you believe you are separate, not as good, or must somehow gain the favour of a judging universe?

We urge you to stop and take a look at any area of your life that you think could use improving. Ask yourselves, as you do, what your belief systems are around that topic. Release anything that does not support your empowerment and highest life expression, then create brand new belief systems to support all you wish to experience!

You get to do that. You might call them belief systems, or mission statements, or affirmations, or mantras, or dedications, or intentions. The sky is the limit as you start to consciously create your life expression. Soar! Reach for the stars! Consider your updated choices to be new destinations you are putting into your internal GPS. You are the creators and you have all the power you need, within you right now, to change the game completely and start living the life expression of your dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

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