Daily Message ~ Saturday July 9, 2016


Dear Ones, if you are feeling overwhelmed it is so important to prioritize giving yourself exactly what you need. Take a moment to check in with yourself. What do you need? Intuitively you will know. Allow yourself to be the expert on you.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, your energetics are letting you know that they are in need of some extra support. You may be attempting to integrate new energies and require specific elements such as rest, certain foods, or activities to help with that process. You may be releasing, which will also present with requirements unique to you. Or you may simply be healing, which might require just a little extra tender care.

If you try to power through things, you make the process more difficult on yourself. Because your body is trying to move you into greater balance and you are not giving it what you need, you can be prone to emotional outbursts or actions that make you act out. This can complicate the process unnecessarily because if you become reactive you also will feel regret afterwards, throwing even more energy on the pile to be dealt with.

Making good energetic self care a priority during times of great change will ensure you shift with the energies the most effective way possible, as well as creating the space for you to show up as your highest selves, to serve and assist others, and to help anchor greater balance, peace, love, and stability on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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