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Daily Message ~ Saturday June 29, 2019

Are you in acceptance or willingness to receive? How do you know?

We suggest you start to pay attention to any way you hold yourself separate or say no. Do you accept help from others or do you feel you need to do everything yourself? Do you constrain potentials by micro-managing? Do you have a need to label things rather than allow the unfoldment? Do you accept compliments?

Do you hold yourself outside of your own love and self care? Are your boundaries so strict that they don’t allow anything in, not even the good? Have you experimented and become comfortable enough with surrender and flow to stay in it long enough for the magic to happen? Are you willing to be surprised? Are you willing to accept love without the fear of strings being attached?

Do you give yourself enough time to savour the now moment? Do you acknowledge the abundance that already exists for you with your gratitude? Do you see yourself as worthy enough to receive? Do you have worthiness or trust issues that are now ready to be healed so you can finally move into a life expression you want and deserve?

Do you have old conditioning or belief systems that are holding you in lack that simply don’t apply anymore and are ready to be released once and for all? Make the commitment to pay attention to your own self talk or response every time you are offered something or think about your dreams and any way you are still holding yourself separate will become very apparent.

Dear Ones, there is abundance everywhere for you. Join that flow. Embrace your birthright as a beloved part of the whole and all the wonder it contains. The more you can open with your faith and trust to receive without condition, the easier you are for us to serve and move into divine alignment with your highest possibilities and outcomes. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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