Daily Message ~ Saturday March 11, 2017

Enlightening human beings are beings of service. How that service appears will be as unique as all other aspects of humanity. Some may serve by helping other people, by assisting others on their own enlightenment journey, by offering healing support, by assisting animals, or addressing environmental issues. For some people, their highest service is simply holding space by being of their highest vibration which assists the grid and transmutes lower vibrating energy.

Dear Ones, just as you do not know what a person’s individual soul agenda is, you do not know what their special brand of service is that is their highest offering. We urge you to honour the different service paths as much as you honour the fact that there are many different paths to enlightenment. It serves your planet to have diversity in service.

There is much change that occurs on an ascending planet. The fact that the other areas that require attention are being taken care of allows you to focus on what draws you. You are like a team of specialists, all being seamlessly led to how you can help best.

Know that each and every enlightening human being on the planet is making a profound difference in the way that best serves the whole based on their own individual strengths and soul agenda, and that is what will continue to drive the shift on your planet.

We urge you to stop making others wrong for their differences, to resist shaming others for not caring in the same way you do, and to see the fact that everyone is honouring their soul contracts in ways that are divinely perfect for them and the planet. Not only is this far more efficient, it allows you the freedom to step into your own joyful service and to make the difference your soul desires to make. ~Archangel Gabriel

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