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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 17, 2018

Human beings are so incredibly hard on themselves. You learn about something such as your thoughts, emotions, and focus being the basis for creation, and then put incredible pressure on yourselves to have 100% positive compliance. If you do not, you immediately berate yourself for your lack of mastery.

Dear Ones, if we had one wish for you it would be that you start to be loving and gentle with yourselves and to understand that big change does not require perfection to occur. This can be achieved by lovingly and patiently rerouting yourselves if something comes into your awareness other than what you wish to create. In fact, your own love and acceptance creates a profound energetic shift in itself!

So, for example, if you happened to catch yourself having a negative thought, and you didn’t berate yourself but simply guided yourself into having gratitude for two things, you would tip your vibrational scales into what was preferred immediately and start creating positive change in your life, with the added bonus of anchoring the energy of loving and nurturing yourself.

There would be no need to panic or beat yourself up because you realize you could, with your awareness, make the empowered decision to choose preference in that right now moment. Perfection is not required because your life circumstances are a vibrational response to the energetics you hold and the majority of your focus and your positive feedback to the universe.

Do you see? Approaching yourself from a space of unconditional love and then gently redirecting with the patience of a loving parent changes what you hold and supports having more and more empowered, positive focus. It is that simple. As always, profound change can always come from subtle shifts and self love. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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