Daily Message ~ Saturday March 30, 2013

Many, many human beings who are drawn to embrace their spirituality are on the earth with service contracts.  This often can come with a lack of balance and boundary issues, as the human beings of light attempt to honour their purpose. In fact, it is not uncommon at all for them to end up exhausted, depressed, disillusioned and even sick.  Worse, no matter how hard they try, they perceive their service as never being enough and put tremendous pressure on themselves to always give and never receive.  Dear Ones, let us evolve beyond the old paradigm of the servant who lives a noble life expression of selfless service.  Rather, let us embrace the idea of mindful service.  MIndful service is not the old, out of balance service that cares about everyone but one’s self.  Rather, mindful service considers the wellbeing of ALL including the servant.  This more closely matches the unity consciousness you are striving to achieve. ~Archangel Gabriel

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